• René-Jean Corneille

    René-Jean Corneille

    Principal Data scientist. I write about Machine learning, C++ and Python coding.

  • Santiago Hernández

    Santiago Hernández

  • Arwed Buchholtz

    Arwed Buchholtz

  • David Silva Smith

    David Silva Smith

    I want to help you and your friends build your startups. Bitcoin ❤ + father + angel investor #Startup #Tips at https://dsdoes.com

  • Alisha Konnoth

    Alisha Konnoth

  • Timi Olotu

    Timi Olotu

    Writer of words. Builder of software. Philosopher of life. Founder/fighting misinformation @òtító (www.otito.io) | Poet (www.bawdybard.blogspot.com)

  • Asta Diabaté

    Asta Diabaté

    Building something in ed-tech. Sharing my two cents about the impact of tech. Oxford & Sciences Po Paris Alumna. http://techbites.substack.com

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